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Hardwood flooring: A solid choice for your home

If you're considering a brand new floor covering for your home, why not take a few moments to consider hardwood flooring? It's a superb material that does so much in the spaces you install it. With outstanding elegance, livable durability, and a lifespan that is hard to rival, you might find it meets more of your needs than you might have thought.

There are lots of characteristics that will make this flooring perfect for many areas. A personalized species, stain color, and finish can add a bit of your character to your flooring, as well as work to match your décor as well. But there is so much more you can do with these floors.

Wood flooring offers versatility

When considering the characteristics of solid wood, you might not think of versatility as a significant factor. However, with a vast array of options from which to choose, you'll be surprised at the different floors you can create with this material. We're sure one or more of them will be perfect for you.

With species choices that range from soft to hard, you can choose your ideal level of durability. The more active your household, the harder your species choice should be, with oak offering an excellent floor for many homeowners. Lesser traveled spaces, or closet or panty flooring, can be much softer.

A perfect finish type can offer as much about durability as it does to décor. For instance, a distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed finish will help hide signs of daily wear, such as water-spots, scuffs, and scratches, for a beautiful flooring for years ahead. Should you decide you want a different finish, you can even change it, along with your stain color, when it's time to refinish your floors. To learn more about refinishing or our installation process for this material, be sure to stop by our showroom when you're in the area.

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