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Waterproof flooring works for every room of your home

A need to protect your flooring from imminent water damage, or a concern that it could occur, is likely the first thing that drives you toward the waterproof flooring line. However, once there, you may find the products to be your whole-home flooring solution. These products offer immense benefits and stunning visuals that make them a perfect addition to every room in your home.

Take time to consider waterproof vinyl flooring

There are few materials as beneficial as waterproof vinyl flooring. You'll find impressive options that mimic the appearance of all-natural stone, solid hardwood, and ceramic or porcelain tile for the perfect décor match, no matter your style. And with formats that include plank, tile, and sheet, there are plenty of installation options that work for any homeowner's décor and lifestyle.

Waterproof flooring is always the best choice in moisture-heavy rooms such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements, but they can be perfect for flooring your entire home as well. If you have pets, children, or frequent house guests, accidents can quickly happen in any room of your home, and these materials will always protect you from the damage that could occur. In addition, it's a great way to ensure the peace of mind you deserve.

Added benefits abound in this flooring line, including quick and easy installation and maintenance requirements that are just as light. Installing these floors can be completed in a day or less in many remodels. When you're ready to get serious about your flooring decisions, visit us to learn more about waterproof products.

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The Decorating Center offers an extensive selection of materials and services that are sure to bring the successful results you're looking for, no matter what size remodel you're facing. But our experienced and friendly associates also provide outstanding customer care, where we put your needs first. As a result, our approach to your flooring experience is one that you'll appreciate for years to come, and you'll always have a friend in the business.

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